About Us

Little Heroes Child Care Centre is privately owned and managed. We provide High quality education and care from children aged 6 weeks in Nursery through to our government approved Kindergarten programme catering for children aged up to 5 years.

Little Heroes works cohesively with families by providing three nutritional meals throughout the children’s flexible routine. Little Heroes provides all nappies, wipes and toileting needs for families convenience.

Little Heroes provides the opportunity for children to learn and grow with the use of their expansive environment. Little Heroes is fortunate to have five spacious, stimulating rooms and an open outdoor setting where both younger and older children can be seen and socially engage with one another. This is a great advantage for children to socialise with siblings and all educators in the service.


Centre Philosophy

At Little Heroes Child Care Centre, we define our philosophy as a set of values and beliefs that underpin our program and practise. We believe that it is essential for educators and other staff to not only teach our children the following elements but also implement them into our own daily lives.

Respect – As Dr Seuss once said “People are people no matter how small”. We believe that all children are entitled to be treated with respect and deserve to feel valued. At Little Heroes Child Care Centre, we intend to show respect through positive relationships and communication.

Empowerment – Children are competent and capable learners who need to be provided opportunities in which the Little Heroes team empower them to use their autonomy in the decision making process.

Resilience – At Little Heroes Child Care Centre, we believe in the importance of teaching our children to be resilient. To overcome all forms of adversity and to stay positive and true to one’s self.

Patience – The team at Little Heroes believed in helping children learn patience. We intend to do this through role modelling patient behaviour ourselves and building trusting relationships.

Curiosity and Wonder – We believe it is imperative for children to be able to enjoy the please of investigation, to make sense of their world and learn things they don’t necessarily understand.

Playfulness – Children are naturally high-spirited beings and the team at Little Heroes aim to promote experience which foster positive interactions filled with joy.

Little Heroes welcomes all families to view the centre in a time that is convenient to them. To arrange a viewing please contact the service.